Your wood manufacturer for the unique

We are a small manufacture from the idyllic Sonneberg in Thuringia (Germany). Our expertise lies in being unique. We produce highly exclusive furniture. Every piece is finished by your requests and desires.

Exclusive and unique design

The fundamental element of our service is communication with the customer. In order to furfill your requests and wishes we offer for a special and responsive customer service.

Pieces for body and soul

Your home is more than just your abode where you sleep. It’s a retreat, a place of family, where everyone can relax their soul and feel comfortable.

Furniture made of solid wood

No material is comparable to the comfort and soothing feel of solid wood.

Wood is warm and delivers a natural feel.

Furniture for comfort

To build furniture, that isn’t only practical and optically pleasing, but also comforting.

This is our mission here at Luisemöbel.

The Face behind Luisemoebel

Burkhard Müller